Rio Audio SP350

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• -10/-Dir — Operates as the -10 button when pressed, skipping 10 tracks back; When pressed and held, skips to the previous directory on the CD. Advanced Functions Contents Index 15 Defaults The Defaults feature automatically resets all Menu options to their default settings. Default options include: • Reset — Displays a confirmation screen (see below). • Cancel — Leaves settings unchanged. If Reset is selected, the Menu option displays “Confirm?” and a second set of confirmation options: • Yes

Rio Audio RioVolt SP90

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Rio Audio RioVolt SP150

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Use the directional navigation controls to navigate within directories, and to select tracks to play. For example: 1. Press the TRACKS/MENU button. The LCD shows directories and tracks. 2. Press STOP ■ to move down the list of directories. Press PLAY/PAUSE ► I I to move up the list of directories. 3. Press FORWARD ►► to select a directory to navigate. The contents of the directory display. 4. Press STOP ■ to move down the list of track titles. Press PLAY/PAUSE M I to move up the list. 5.