Ariens SNO-THRO 932

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If service is required, be prepared to supply the service person with the Model and Serial Number of the Sno-Thro, as well as a full description of the problem encountered. NOTE: The descriptions and specifications contained in this manual were in effect at the time the manual was approved for printing. Ariens Company reserves the right to discontinue models without notice and without incurring obligation. The Sno-Thro described within this manual may not be identified as either standard or opt

Ariens RM 380

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Het apparaat werd vakkundig en volgens de adviezen in de gebruiksaanwijzing behandeld. . Noch de koper, noch een derde persoon heeft getracht het apparaat te repareren. De aan slijtage onderhevige kooimes en de ondermes vallen niet onder de garantie. Deze garantie van de producent heeft geen betrekking op de ten aanzien van de handelaar/ verkoper bestaande aansprakelijkheid. In geval van reclamatie het defecte apparaat samen met de kassabon en een beschrijving van de storing gefrankeerd op naar

Ariens Lawn Mower

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This guarantee covers all serious defects of the unit that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults. Under warranty we will either replace the unit or repair it free of charge if the following conditions apply: • The unit must have been handled properly and in keeping with the requirements of the operating instructions. • Neither the purchaser or a non-authorised third party have attempted to repair the unit. The filament cassette and cassette cover are wearing parts and are therefor

Ariens ES 500

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For portable units, which are used outdoors, we recommend to use a residual-current device having a residual-current rating . 30 mA. In Switzerland use of a residual- current device is obligatory. 12 Interruptions of work: Never leave the Electric Lawn Scarifier unattended at the working area. v If you interrupt your work store the unit in a safe place. Disconnect the mains plug! v When you interrupt work in order to go to another working area, always switch off the Electric Lawn Scarifier durin

Ariens ART 4026 380 AC

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Ltd. Sumitomo Realty & Development Kojimachi BLDG., 8F 5-1 Nibanncyo, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0084 Phone: (+81) 33 264 4721 m_ishihara@kaku-ichi.co.jp Luxembourg Magasins Jules Neuberg 39, rue Jacques Stas Luxembourg-Gasperich 2549 Case Postale No. 12 Luxembourg 2010 Phone:(+352) 401401 api@neuberg.lu Netherlands GARDENA Nederland B.V. Postbus 50176 1305 AD ALMERE Phone:(+31) 365210000 info@gardena.nl Neth. Antilles Jonka Enterprises N.V. Sta. Rosa Weg 196 P.O. Box 8200, Curacao Phone:(+599) 976766

Ariens 96096000100

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11) • Release depth stake pin. Pull the depth stake up for increased tilling depth. Place depth stake pin in hole of depth stake to lock in position. • Place shift lever indicator in counter rotating ( ) till position . • Hold the tine control against the handle to start tilling movement. Tines and wheels will both turn. • Move throttle control to “FAST” position for deep tilling. To cultivate, throttle control can be set at any desired speed, depending on how fast or slow you wish to cultivate.

Ariens 96086000100

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5. Pull the starter handle slowly until resistance is felt. This is the “compression” point. Return the handle to its original position and pull swiftly. Do not pull out the rope all the way. After starting the engine, allow the starter handle to return to its original position while still holding the handle. 8 9 BREAKING IN YOUR TILLER Break-in your belt(s), pulleys and tine control before you actually begin tilling. • Start engine, tip tines off ground by pressing handles down and engage tine

Ariens 946101-ST622

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Check all hardware at regular intervals, especially trimmer head attachment bolts. Keep all hardware properly tightened. Before tipping unit, remove fuel. DO NOT tip the trimmer up or over unless specifically instructed to do so. Ensure all wheel blocks, jack stands and tie downs will support unit during maintenance. Replace worn-out mufflers immediately. Continued use could result in fire or explosion. Sharp edges can cut or amputate fingers or a hand. Wrap blade or wear sturdy gloves to servic

Ariens 926304-ST11528LE

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(If engine does not start, refer to TROUBLESHOOTING on page 30.) 7. Adjust choke as needed. 8. Set throttle to Part Throttle or Slow position for travel or adaptation to outside temperature. Once achieved, set throttle to Fast position for normal operation. Shut Off 1. Release Traction Drive Clutch Lever and allow unit to come to a complete stop. 2. Run Impeller a few minutes after use to prevent freeze-up of Impeller. 3. Release Attachment Clutch Lever and wait for all moving parts to come to a

Ariens 926303-ST1328LE

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3. Check Dual Handle Interlock Without the engine running, press down (engage) both clutch levers. Release attachment clutch lever. Attachment clutch should remain engaged until traction clutch lever is released, then both clutches must disengage. If clutches do not engage or disengage properly, adjust or repair before operation (see SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS on page 22). 4. Check Remote Differential (926004, 005, 006, 300, 301, 500, 501) Test the remote differential lock before starting. Squeeze