EMAK Victus VB 260 L

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Brushcutter VB 260 L Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rod for long life and unwavering performance over time. Starter housing and nose cone in aluminium for maximum strength, even when tackling heavy workloads. Equipped with generously proportioned clutch giving improved control of the machine (tool stays motionless at idling speed), increased protection to the engine, and better results when cutting long grass. Flywheel with large fins designed to provide optimum cooling, even in hig


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001100902C 71505055/ 3 INTRODUCTION EN 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Customer, Thank you for having chosen one of our products. We hope that you will get complete satisfaction from using your new machine and that it will fully meet all your expectations. This manual has been compiled in order that you may get to know your machine and to be able to use it safely and efficiently. Don’t forget that it forms an integral part of the machine, so keep it handy so that it can be consulted at any time and pass it


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Sie sich bitte an die nachste Vertragswerkstatt. dos o tres veces, para que se restablezca el flujo correcto del - Na het bijvullen de motor 2 of 3 keer laten lopen zodat u de juiste Die Verwendung des richtigen Schmiermittels wahrend des aceite (Fig. 20). olietoevoer opnieuw kan instellen (Fig. 20). Schnittes reduziert den Verschlei. von Schwert und Kette auf ein - En caso de averia no intervenir, dirigirse al vendedor de - In geval van mankementen niet ingrijpen, maar zich tot de Minimum und g


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Eventueel normal zu betrachten. pesado. Se puede considerar normal eventuales goteras de oliedruppelen bij het zagen van dun hout moet als normaal- Vor dem erstmaligen Befullen mit Ol die Nylonfolie (C, Abb. 17) aceite durante el corte de madera delgada. beschouwd worden. beseitigen und vorschriftsma.ig entsorgen. - Antes de efectuar la primera carga de aceite, quite la pelicula de - Alvorens de eerste keer het reservoir met olie te vullen, het nylon- Die Offnung saubern (Abb. 18) bevor der Tank


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21) prima dell’arresto del motore elettrico per evitare un logorio prematuro degli organi meccanici. STOPPING THE ENGINE Releasing the switch will immediately shut down the chain, while the motor will stop running due to inertia. It is important not to activate the switch again (B, Fig. 21) before the electric motor comes to a stop; doing so will cause premature wear on mechanical parts. vention sur les dispositifs de coupe. ARRET DU MOTEUR En relachant l'interrupteur, la chaine s'arretera immed

EMAK 8091 ( 850W )

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Ne laissez pas votre debroussailleuse sous la pluie ou dans un endroit particulierement humide (Fig. 7). 19 -Ne faites pas demarrer le moteur sans que le bras soit monte (Fig. 8). 20 -Ne coupez pas trop pres du terrain, vous eviterez ainsi les cailloux et autre objets. 21 -N'utilisez pas la debrousailleu pour couper autre chose que de l'herbe. 22 -Ne travaillez pas avec une debroussailleuse endommagee, mal reparee, mal montee ou arbitrairement modifi ee. Ne touchez sous aucun pretexte aux dispos

EMAK 8061 ( 600W )

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6). 13 -Connection to the electricity supply must be made in such a way to prevent damage by and to people and vehicles. 14 -Make sure that the cable is well out of the way of the nylon head operation range and is never stretched out. Never cut in the vicinity of other electrical cables. 15 -Always disconnect from the mains before carryng out any maintenance or handling (Fig. 3). 16 -Do not use the brush-cutter in explosive or infl ammable atmospheres (Fig. 7). 17 -Never use the brush-cutter wit