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Choose Save. 9 After the download has completed, process the downloaded file: • On OS X, expand the .tgz file, then double click on the installer icon. • On Windows, run the downloaded .exe file. • On Linux, expand the .tgz file, then run the install.sh installation script. 10 Follow the instructions for installing the drivers. Updating the ATTO Configuration Tool If you want the latest version of the ATTO Configuration Tool, download it from the ATTO website. 1 Go to 2 Click on downloa

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Celerity FC Host Adapters Installation and Operation Manual Selection guide: Celerity 4-Gb adapters Product Features FC-44ES FC-42ES FC-41ES/ FC-42XS FC-41XS Fibre Channel Ports 4 2 1 2 1 FC protocol 4-Gb 4-Gb 4-Gb 4-Gb 4-Gb Maximum Transfer Rate (half duplex) 1.6 GB/sec 800 MB/sec 400 MB/sec. 800 MB/sec 400 MB/sec Maximum Transfer Rate (full duplex) 2 GB/sec 1 GB/sec 800 MB/sec. 1 GB/sec1 800 MB/sec Bus type PCIe PCIe PCIe PCI-X PCI-X Bus characteristics 8 lane 4 lane 4 lane 64-bit 1ЭЭ

ATTO Technology FC-81EN

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242 © 2010 ATTO Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. All brand or product names are trademarks of their respective holders. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the express written permission of ATTO Technology, Inc. 12/10 PRMA-0344-000 Contents 1 ATTO Celerity HBA Features & Overview........................................................1 Getting started Celerity FC-84EN Adapter Celerity FC-82EN Adapter Celerity FC-81EN Adapter Celerity FC-44ES Ad