BoomChair Video Game Furniture

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Make sure knob is on the front side of the chair as pictured. Step 2: Insert the pole portion into the metal base and apply pressureor carefully sit in chair to lock in place. Step 3: Make sure chair is in upright position and secure the hook and loop fasters on back of chair (part 5) Step 4: Use allen wrench to attach armrests using 4 screws each. Step 5: Insert headrest by squeezing button on top of back. STEP 6 Step 6: Insert adapter cord (2) into power receptacle (4). Step 7: Plug adapter (2

BoomChair SX4

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• DO NOT use on wood flooring, it may cause scratching. • DO NOT use on slippery or uneven flooring. • Excessive exposure to audio equipment at high volume may lead to hearing loss. • DO NOT OPEN Caution: To reduce the risk of electric shock and fire, do not open the BOOMCHAIR™. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Refer to your warranty for service information. CAUTION FCC part 15.21: Warning: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compl

BoomChair P42

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Step 2: Connect the other ends of RCA cord (3b) into AUDIO OUTPUT of Audio/Video device. Step 3: Turn Boomchair™ on by turning Power knob (B) clockwise. Step 4: Turn Audio/Video device on. VIBRATIONVOLUMEPOWERINPUTOUTPUTRRLL++ AUDIO OUT 3b TV VCR DVD Stereo Satellite Receiver Other Devices DAISY CHAINING CHAIRS TOGETHER Step 1: Connect BoomChair™to any media device as FIRST CHAIR: Connected to device SECOND CHAIR described on pages 4 or 5. This is the first chair. VIBRATIONVOLUMEPOWERINPUTOUTPUT

BoomChair B32

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. Prepare to experience your entertainment on a whole new level. BOOMCHAIR™ allows you to HEAR the sound and FEEL the excitement. You’ll experience every crash, bang, and boom while enjoying your favorite game, music, or movie. BOOMCHAIR™ is also a great game seat built to endure the rigors of today’s gaming environment. Take a moment to review your owner’s manual before connecting your BOOMCHAIR™. Assembly and operation of the BOOMCHAIR™ is simple. If you need further assistance visit us at or