Schutt Sports C2000

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Remove goal hardware from backboard braces and place with goal. Step 5: Remove and retain screws on unit's side covers that secure unit to pallet. Step 6: Remove and retain screws that are attached to tape going through brake feet (2). Step 7: Push two brackets down to raise brake feet (2) and lower wheels. Step 8: This step requires three adults—two to handle unit and one to remove pallet. Roll front wheels of unit off of pallet; tilt unit forward on front wheels; remove pallet and then lower u

Schutt Sports C1000

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Study and understand these instructions thoroughly before installing, operating, or maintaining the goal. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death and/or equipment damage. Consult your Schutt Sports dealer or Schutt Manufacturing, Co. if you do not understand the instructions in this manual or need additional information. Schutt Sports recommends that you retain this manual for future reference of operation, maintenance, and parts information. The instructions, illustrations, and