B&K SR10.1

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GUIDE TO SIMPLE HOME THEATER OPERATION © 2002 B & K Components Ltd. All rights reserved. B & K Components, Ltd. . 2100 Old Union Road . Buffalo, New York 14227 1.800.543.5252 In NY: 716.656.0026 Fax: 716.656.1291 E-mail: info@bkcomp.com . On the web: Table of Contents Finding the MAIN Menu 1 Turn On the System 2 Using the MAIN Menu 3 Select a New ACTIVITY 3 Select a DEVICE Only 4 Controlling the Volume 5 Operating Any Device 5 Using FAV - Favorites 7 Backlighting 9 Changing CONTRAST 9 Batteries

B&K Series 2

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No part of this manual may be copied or reproduced in any form without prior written consent from B&K Components, Ltd. B&K Components Ltd. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR OPERATIONAL, TECHNICAL OR EDITORIAL ERRORS/OMISSIONS MADE IN THIS MANUAL. The information in this manual is subject to change without prior notice. Accessories Included BK& 1 - Warranty Card 1 - User Manual 1 - Serial to RJ-45 Adapter SIMPLY BETTER! SIMPLY BETTER! is a registered trademark of B&K Components, Ltd. Manufactured under lic

B&K Reference 20 Plus A/V System Controller Owner's Manual

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Reference 20 Plus A/V System Controller Owner’s Manual 13258 11/01 USER INFORMATION SETUP CROSSOVERS + LFE 1 Crossover Hz 2 High Pass dB 3 Low Pass dB 4 Peak Limiter dB 5 LFE Level dB 6 DTS LFE Mode 7 Subwoofer Phase next item adjust MENU setup speakers SETUP SPEAKER LEVELS 1 Left Front dB 2 Center dB 3 Right Front dB 4 Right Surround dB 5 Right Surr Back dB 6 Left Surr Back dB 7 Left Surround dB 8 Subwoofer dB next item adjust MENU setup speakers SETUP SPEAKER SIZE 1 Front 2 Center 3 Surround 4

B&K Programmable Keypad CK2.2

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Choose a backlight color for the entire keypad or customize a backlight color for each device. B&K Simply Better! B&K Components Limited | Buffalo, New York | | 8 0 0 . 5 4 3 . 5 2 5 2 | 7 1 6.6 56.0 02 3 CK2.2/CK1.1 Programmable Keypads Back Panel CK2.2 Master Out (CAT-5) Master In (CAT-5) CK1.1 CK2.2 Features 4MB (512KB) of Programmable Memory Fully Integrated with the B&K Editor Software Suite Ability to Control Up to 50 Separate Devices USB PC Interface IR Macros Up to 255 Steps p

B&K Programmable Keypad CK1.1

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) o IN 7 IN 2 3 IN 8 IN 3 o IN 9 IN 4 o FM IN 5 PAGE 1 ON ( OFF B&K DVD ▲ SAT MUTE RADIO MUSIC ▼ TV ■ Ô PAGE 1 J • PAGE • "One Touch Operation In Every Room Of Your Home" The CK 2.2 keypad provides power to control up to 50 components and the ability to program over 1500 infrared commands and macros. The CK 2.2 supports importing devices and remote control files from most Universal Remote Control and B&K keypads or remotes. The CK 2.2 has both RJ-45 and ter

B&K MZ128

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Observe polarity. 2) Press and hold the B & K and MUTE buttons simultaneously for two seconds. The LED will light up solid red and stay illuminated. 3) Firmly press the desired B & K three digit code set. Always use three digits (i.e. 0-1-1 default for Zone A) 4) Press the B & K button again to confirm setup. The red LED will blink three times when the IR MZ-128 Default Factory Code-Set is: 0-0-0 Whole House Control CODE SET 000-128 MZ-128 BUTTON B & K IR FUNCTION MZ-128 BUTTON B & K IR

B&K CT610

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Use Left/Right to select a zone to setup for power on settings. Then use up/down to select an item to adjust. Use Left/Right to adjust the item selected. 2. When the selected zone is powered on, how do you want the zone to come up? This is where you can select turn on input, turn on volume, turn on bass, treble, loudness, etc. Every time you turn on this zone it will “Power On” to specific predetermined setting. Last used will allow the zone to turn on exactly how it was turned off, i.e. input,

B&K CT602

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Any IR data received from the keypad control terminals will be sent to all 9 IR outputs. Off - All 9 IR outputs will be turned off. Front Panel IR to Flasher Outputs: If Front Panel IR to Flasher Outputs is set to YES, any IR received by the front panel will pass through the CT Receiver to the flasher outputs. Otherwise when set to NO, IR commands received will only stay internal to the unit. Regardless of this setting B&K will always respond to its own IR commands. The default is set to NO beca

B&K CT600

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Any of these products can be combined to share sources in a CT system. Depending on which form of control communication you wish to use (IR or RS-232), B&K can accommodate either or both. Typically only one form of communication is needed, however for some advanced installations, both forms may be required. The following diagrams depicts both IR or RS-232 being used to control the home theater product. The CT-1 allows an easy method to interface between a home theater and a whole house distribut

B&K CT310

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CTRL OUT - The 12VDC 200mA outputs are used to control external amplifiers, relays, screens or devices that activate when a voltage is detected. The default action is that the voltage is ON when the Zone is ON, OFF when the zone is off. This is controlled by going into the Advanced FULL Setup Tab 9 in BKcSuite. The 12VDC controls can be modified to the following choices: Zone On -The 12V Control Out is on if the corresponding Zone is on (This is Default). Zone Active - The 12V Control Out will t