Tech 21 TRADEMARK 10

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If unit becomes defective within repair or replace it free of charge. After warranty repair defective unit for a fee. PROOF OF PURCHASE IS REQUIRED FOR For residents of the U.S. and Canada, please call Tech 21’shipping instructions and a Return Authorization Number. Tech packages without prior authorization, pre-paid freight (UPS preferred), insurance. FOR PERSONAL ASSISTANCE & INQUIRIES Contact Tech 21, Inc., weekdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE U

Tech 21 SansAmp Acoustic DI

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Power Consumption: approx. 7mA. *USE DC POWER SUPPLY ONLY! Failure to do so may damage the unit and void warranty. DC Power Supply Specifications: -9V DC regulated or unregulated, 100mA minimum; -2.1mm female plug, center negative (-). Optional factory power supply is available:Tech 21 Model #DC2. WARNINGS: * Attempting to repair unit is not recommended and may void warranty. * Missing or altered serial numbers automatically void warranty. For your own protection: be sure serial number labels on

Tech 21 POWER ENGINE 300

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Andrew Barta incorporated Tech 21 and made his invention commercially available to players and studios around the world. His highly-acclaimed SansAmp™ pioneered Tube Amplifier Emulation in professional applications for recording direct and performing live, and created an entirely new category of signal processing. While there have since been many entries into this niche, SansAmp continues to maintain its reputation as the industry standard. After developing a full line of SansAmp models, Tech 21