Waterford Precision Cycles Stainless Steel Box Hood

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The manufacturer will not be responsible if the governing health and safety laws are not observed which permit safe and correct use of the hood and electrical connections. Before servicing or repairing the hood make sure the appliance is disconnected from the mains supply either by removing the plug or switching the power socket to OFF. CLEANING Clean the outer part of the hood with a soft cloth and liquid detergent, do not use abrasive cleaning products or scouring pads. CHANGING THE LIGHT BULB

Waterford Precision Cycles Glass Island Hood

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Always observe governing laws and regulations regarding ducting waste gases. All rec- ommendations given must be scrupulously observed to avoid any possible fire hazard. 2 CONTROL PANEL The control panel is situated on the front of the hood and comprises of a digital display and 5 touch control switches with the following functions: (See Fig.9) Fan ON/OFF Switch Reduces the speed of the fan (Min speed 1) Digital display,displays the speed of the fan 1-6 Increases the speed of the fan (Max speed

Waterford Precision Cycles Chimney Hood

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WARNING! Do not connect the appliance to the mains until the installation is fully complete. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION The mains power supply must correspond to the rating indicated on the plate situated inside the hood. A double-pole switch must be fitted in accordance with the relevant standards. Attention: Replacing the supply cable must be carried out by a Qualified Electrician or an Authorised Service Agent. The appliance is only intended for use by competent persons. Children should be supervi