Asante Technologies SECURE NET 6001/P/W

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Enter Camera IP address Enter Home Camera Page Enter Login Window23You Will Enter Home Page After Login 3. 1Install ActiveX When the username and password are confirmed, a control setup screen pops up under the IE address bar. Click “Install ActiveX Control” to install the controls. 2The security warning screen aps. Click Install. Network Camera Live & Control Page3StepThe ActiveX is powered by Uniform Technologies and You need to press Install to enable media viewer on your IE browser ActiveX p

Asante Technologies IC36240

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2223 Oakland Road San Jose, CA 95131 USA SALES 800-662-9686 Home/Office Solutions 800-303-9121 Enterprise Solutions 408-435-8388 TECHNICAL SUPPORT 801-566-8991: Worldwide 801-566-3787: Fax support@asante.com SWITCH DEFAULTS IP address: Password: Asante Copyright © 2005 Asante Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this document, or any associated artwork, product design, or design concept may be copied or reproduced in whole or in part by any means without the express wri

Asante Technologies 6001

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NetServer 6001 video server offers with capability of streaming either MPEG4 or MJPEG at your needs. It plugs directly into an Ethernet network and provides 24x7 video surveillance for increased confidence. NetServer 6001 video server can interface with PTZ camera, Dome Camera, or any camera, with motion detection sensor. It includes its own, built-in Web server that enhances traditional surveillance systems by distributing monitored images over a secure intranet network. SecureNet family is sma