Kensington sd200v

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USB 2.0 cable C. Power adapter D. Software Installation CD and Instruction Guide E. Quick Start Guide Components Back F. Stereo audio output G. Microphone input H. 4 USB 2.0 ports with status indicator lights I. VGA video output J. USB upstream connector K. Power adapter jack Front L. Power/connection indicator light M. Display mode indicator light 2 N. Display mode indicator light 1 O. DualView button P. Front USB connection status light Q. USB 2.0 port Set Up and Connect Docking Station 1 Inse

Kensington Portable Universal Docking Station

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Easily connect and disconnect devices without having to restart your computer. The docking station includes 7 ports for easy connectivity: • 2 - high-speed USB 2.0 ports • 1 - PS/2 keyboard port • 1 - PS/2 mouse port • 1 - Serial port • 1 - Printer port (standard IEEE-1284 parallel port) • 1 - 10/100 Ethernet port 1 DockingStation28May03.5/28/2003 9:12 PM Page 2 S SSy yys sst tte eem mm r rre eeq qqu uui iir rre eem mme een nnt tts ss I IIn nnc ccl llu uud dde eed dd i iin nn t tth hhi iis ss p

Kensington M01039

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DVI-to-VGA adapter B. USB cable (USB A to USB mini-B) E. Software installation CD (includes Instruction Guide) C. Power adapter F. Quick Start Guide G N H I O J P KQ R L S M Components G Antenna N Power/connection indicator light H. Stereo audio output O. Extended mode (dualview) indicator light I. 4 USB ports with status indicator lights P. Clone mode indicator light J. Reset button Q. Dualview button K. DVI-I video output R. Front USB connection indicator light L. Mini-USB connector (cable ass