Fortec SC-606

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PLEASE READ: Your Fortec Star HD receiver comes complete with HD Upscaling. This assists in ensuring even Standard Definition broadcasts are viewed at the highest quality possible. If your TV is capable, use the HDMI lead enclosed in the gift box. CONNECTIONS: 1. Connect HDMI lead (supplied) from satellite receiver to TV. (If your TV does not have an HDMI connection, you will need to use Composite Video/Audio cables or a Scart lead - not supplied) 2. Connect satellite cable from the dish to

Fortec Lifetime Ultra Digital Satellite Receiver

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Unll 6 Mississauga, C3N Canada L4W &A7 com £2003 Fortec Communications Inc 2 1. General In for mation Congratulations on purchasing a new Fortec Star digital satellite receiver. Before us*ng your new receiver we suggest that you read this manual carefully tor your own safely, and lo learn how to correcdy opera!ion the system 2. Main Fcalurcs - ERG (Electronic Program Gutoe) - 7 days of program information * Fully compliant with MPEG-2 Digiial & DVB broadcasting * 950-2150 MHz inpul Frequ