Glowworm Lighting ULTRACOM CXI

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Do not operate electrical Open all doors and windows, ventilate the area. METAL PARTS This boiler contains metal parts (components) and care should with particular regard to edges. SEALED COMPONENTS Under no circumstances must the user interfere with or adjust sealed Glow-worm service call: 01773 828100 Technical helpline: 01773 828300 General and Sales enquiries Tel: 01773 824639 Fax: 01773 820569 2 Ultracom 24cxi G.C. No. 47-019-01 Ultracom 30cxi G.C. No. 47-019-02 Ultracom 38cxi G.C. No. 47-0

Glowworm Lighting 40

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41 319 69 High Efficiency Boiler PAS010 This is a Cat II2H3P Appliance Reference in these instructions to British Standards and Statutory Regulations/Requirements apply only to the United Kingdom. For Ireland the rules in force must be used. 4040/S The instructions consist of three parts, User, Installation and Servicing Instructions, which includes the Guarantee Registration Card. The instructions are an integral part of the appliance and must, to comply with the current issue of the Gas Safety

Glowworm Lighting 300 I

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Thermal conductivity of the structure's surface, climatic conditions and location and orientation of the discharge pipe may or may not have an effect on reducing the temperature of the discharge water. The location of windows and similar openings. The likelihood of a pram being left beneath the point of discharge. The ability of structures surface to withstand near boiling water. The possibility of ice formation if water is discharged onto pedestrian walkways. 5 2 Installation 2.10 Electrical in

Glowworm Lighting 250 I

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This product is guaranteed for 4 months from the date of installation or 30 months from the date of manufacture, whichever is the shorter, for parts and labour. The second year of the guarantee, from the beginning of the 3th month onwards after installation or manufacture, is conditional upon the product having been serviced by a competent person (i.e. clear skies registered engineer), in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. We strongly recommend regular servicing of your product,

Glowworm Lighting 200 I

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Fasten the carrying handle to the hot water outlet connection of the solar cylinder. 1.7 Solar Cylinder Charicteristics Flurocyl solar cylinders are available in three sizes: 00, 50 and 300 litres. The containers are made of stainless steel and insulated with EPS.The cylinders are equipped with all necessary cold and hot water control devices and a motorised port valve. The Flurocyl cylinders are operated at the pressure of the water supply pipe and do not need a cold water tank for their supply