Ingersoll-Rand X41

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Online answers: Text Box: Before installing or starting this unit for the first time, this manual should be studied carefully to obtain a working knowledge of the unit and/or the duties to be performed while operating and maintaining the unit. RETAIN THIS MANUAL WITH UNIT. This Technical manual contains IMPORTANT SAFETY DATA and should be kept with the unit at all times. Text Box: C.C.N. : 80443864 REV. : A DATE : APRIL 2007 SECTION 1 — TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 — TABLE OF CONTENTS............

Ingersoll-Rand WR 22SA

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socket Ring Anvil Plunger type ?L Hole ffiM Plunger #» Spring Switch MS Rating Tightening time mmm Tightening torque -ш&±тм »S! гшт* T&s#*fó*«r&aiMj.ffi«fc (Ш) &а (ЖШ) ^aiM* »К*«**Ш* 1) xwrnm a) 1^«шетйт#.#«йая-юй*. Ш1%ЖЖШШЩШ'^ЖЩШ° b) Ш£ЛЖ№ЮЯ*ФЖ#ФЙ1т.Й#£ ЛЖЖЯч^ЯЖЮШЮЯ»*. c) шшхт-л^ятшяшхш №• 2) a) ФЙ^тЯ^^'Щ^ЯШИЕ“ т-тытщтшш&> *«ВДШЮЮ%Й1т«ДШ£ШЯ&. b) ЙЙ££#5**ЖШ№*®.И*ЙЧ»& ^ч^Йч&ЯЗЮШЙ. %%&ШМ±ШШШШ’'Ш.£ЩШ<&Ш ШШ* c) ^йхт^ш^дшп-.^м^шиад *ф. жал^ахмт^^л^жййш» d) Щ/М'^Д^.^

Ingersoll-Rand SS5N5

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ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED Correction by the Company of nonconformities, whether patent or latent, in the manner and for the period of time provided above, shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of the Company and its Distributors for such nonconformities with respect to or arising out of such Equipment LIMITATION OF LIABILITY THE REMEDIES OF THE PURCHASER SET FORTH HEREIN ARE EXCLUSIVE, AND THE TOTAL LIABILITY OF THE COMPANY, ITS DISTRIBUTORS AND SUPPUERS WITH RESPECT TO CONTRACT OR THE EQU

Ingersoll-Rand SS5L5

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Defective safety/relief vatve. U_it does not come up to 1 Loose beltwheel or motor pulfey, excessive end play in t Check beflwheel, motor pulley, crankshaft, drive bett ter_sSen speed motor shaft or loose drive belts and alignment, Repair or replace as required, 2. Lubricant viscosity tea high 2 Drain existing lubricant and retill wilh proper lubricant 3 Improper line voltage 3. Check line voltage and upgrade lines as required Contact 4 Compressor valves leaky, broken, carbonized or loose electr

Ingersoll-Rand SS5

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Single-Phase Wiring T = Supply Line Terminal L = Load Terminal uJ L=J L1 Pressure switch used disconnecLorclrcu_t breaker (inctltde_ on/auto-off switch) Singie phase m_or COMPRESSOR LUBRICATION CAUTION Do not operate without lubricant or with inadequate lubricant. Ingersoll-Rand fs not responsible for compressor failure caused by inadequate lubrication SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT. We recommend thgersolI-Rand synthetic compressor lubricant from start-up See the WARRANTY section for extended warranty info

Ingersoll-Rand SS3

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Will cause serious injury or death ingersoll-Rand air compressors are not designed, intended or approved for breathing air Compressed air should not be used for breathing air applications unless treated in accordance with all applicable codes and regulaUons,, WARNING HAZARDOUS VOLTAGE Can cause serious injury or death. Disconnect power and bteed pressure from tank before servicing Lockout/Tagout machine. Compressor must be connected to properly grounded circuit See grounding instructions in manu

Ingersoll-Rand Schlage LiNK

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Now, no matter where you go, the front door is within reach. That's because Schlage LiNK is more than a lockset. It's a brilliant new way to enhance your home's security, and your family's peace of mind. On the surface, Schlage LiNK looks like a keypad entry lock — and it is. But it also features technology that allows you to use your cell phone or computer to remotely unlock your doors, monitor entry, and change user pass codes. You can even pair Schlage LiNK with other household items like li

Ingersoll-Rand Schlage

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Schlage Programmable Electronic Locks and Deadbolts can be managed and programmed using our SMS software and SNAP programmer, making it easier than ever to provide controlled, credentialed access for residents, employees and service people throughout your complex or building. • Resident entry doors • Office doors • Clubhouse doors • Auto entrance gates • Pedestrian entrance gates • Laundry rooms • Fitness centers • Storage rooms • Conference rooms • Equipment rooms Get more safety, security and

Ingersoll-Rand HPP-600

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The vent knob should be closed prior to pressurizing the system by turning the knob away from the pump housing. The Vernier knob can be used to increase or decrease the system at a more controlled rate. For fast relieve of the pressure, move the pressure/vacuum pin to the opposite direction. Pressure/Vacuum Selector The pump can be used to generate pressure or vacuum depending on the position of the pin located in the pressure/vacuum switch. Press the pin on the side of the pump housing accordin

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