AVerMedia Technologies TVBoxTM 5

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.. Press Vol> button to call up MORE.. menu list. DEFAULT .. Use the CH^ or CHЎ buttons to select YES to clear all the preset channels and to restore the original factory default picture setting or NO to exit. Then press Vol>. FAVORITE CH .. This function enables you to add, remove, reprogram or reassign the TV channels with channel numbers that are easier to remember. In the selected USER CH, enter the new channel number you want to assign or the channel number you want to remove/add to the ch

AVerMedia Technologies TV TUNER BOX

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No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form by any means without the written permission of AVerMedia TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. ENG 01 Contents Contents Introduction............................................................................................ 1 What’s in the Package...................................................................... 1 The AVerMediaO AVerTV Box Unit.....................

AVerMedia Technologies tv box

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To memorize channels using autoscan, choose AUTOSCAN from Menu-2 and select YES to start memorizing all the active TV channels. As AVerTV Box performs the search, it will display each channel number. You can interrupt and cancel the searching process anytime by pressing the Left or Right buttons on the remote. Now press the Channel Up/Down or Number buttons on the remote control. Check and verify that you can access all the TV channels available in your area. · Scan All Frequency If there are ch

AVerMedia Technologies NV 6000 EXP

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4. In the Connection Settings section, select the Protocol where the PTZ camera is connected and IP Camera Site that IP or URL of IP camera. Then, click Save to keep the settings. 5. Use the IP PTZ control panel and adjust the position of the IP PTZ camera. 6. In the Preset Setting section, select the preset number to assign a number for the IP PTZ camera current position. Set the DwellTime (1-60 sec) for how long the IP PTZ camera stays in that position before it moves to the next one. If you w

AVerMedia Technologies NV 1000

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When you play back the recording file, you can use the scroll box to drag it to go forward/backward to the desired video. The system shows the recording resolution of each channel and the frames on the upper left corner of each screen. When you play the video in 1-Cam mode, you will see some color blocks on the slider. BLUE blocks mean recorded videos are available. Green blocks mean there is detected motion during the time segment. Black blocks mean no data recorded. Yellow blocks mean alert ev

AVerMedia Technologies MCE 2005

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Please check with Microsoft web site for their latest list of compatible MPEG decoders. You will need to install the video decoder filter for the TV tuner card to work properly. •3rd Party Application Compatibility with Window XP Home/Professional User AVerTV CardBus MCE supports CyberLink Power Cinema, InterVideo Home Theater, SnapStream Beyond TV3, SageTV and InterVideo DVD Creator applications. AVerMedia AVerTV™CardBus 423 Dixon Landing Rd, Milpitas, CA 95035 Tel: (408) 263-3828 • Fax: (408)

AVerMedia Technologies Mainstream PCI Video Capture

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USA 423 Dixon Landing Road, Milpitas, CA 95035 ♦ Tel: +1.408.263.3828 ♦ Fax:+1.408.263.8132 Revision 1.00 Key Features Archive your favorite video from the VCR tape to DVD or VCD in digital format. Edit your video with features rich Cyberlink Power Director 4 with Stylish DVD Menu Templates. ♦ Magic Clean allows users to enhance video clips by adjusting colors, brightness and contrast, and removing audio noise. ♦ Magic Cut combines pre-production and editing into one easy interface, enabling

AVerMedia Technologies LX5000

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Record by weekday Click on the weekday button you would like to record. Make sure that you click the diamond next to the label Record by weekday. Start time Set the backup time in which you would like to start recording. Furthermore, the backup time will end according to the length of the schedule period. Schedule period Put a date number in days before backup date field to determine which days’ files you desire to backup. Set Start time and End time to 55 AVerMedia LX5000 User’s Manual perform

AVerMedia Technologies HD MCE A180

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Please refer to the Version 1.10 February 28th, 2006 Watch and Record Digital TV on your Media Center PC Input frequency range: 54MHz to 864 MHz Channel bandwidth: 6MHz Channels assignment: US standard -80dBm to -20dBm (8-VSB) Input impudence: 75 ohms Modulation modes: 8 VSB Warranty: 1 year limited parts & labor Compliance: FCC Class B, CE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: CPU: Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz, 512 DDR memory Operating System: Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 Display adapter with 64 MB memor

AVerMedia Technologies EYES PRO MP5000

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You can choose from 8, 4, 2, 1, 1/ 2, 1/ 4, and 1/ 8 times of the normal speed. 6. Image Quality Click to adjust the image quality. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, color and saturation. 88 AVerMedia User’s Manual EYES Pro/MP2016/ MP3000/MP5000 7. Zoom Click / to zoom in/out the image. 8. Print & Save During playback, you can click the Print or Save buttons to print or save the current image. Note that every image you save with the format of bmp. provides the functions of anti-counterfei