Jettech Metal Products FX-44

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Should you or the individual installing this unit have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer Service Department listed below. JET-TECH SYSTEMS CORP. Tel.: +1 514-737-9701 Fax: +1 514-737-2792 e-mail: service@jet-tech.com MVP GROUP CORPORATION 5659 Royalmount Ave. Montreal, QC Canada H4P2P9 Tel: 514-737-9701 888-275-4538 Fax: 514-342-3854 / sales@mvpgroupcorp.com M\/t= ■group MANUFACTURERS LIMITED WARRANTY MVP GROUP Corporation (MVP) hereby warrants all new warewashers b

Jettech Metal Products F18-DP

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This has two purposes. The first one is to energize both the timer motor and the indicator light LC (20042). The second purpose is for CR2 to bypass the Start Switch 1 TC. 2- The timer motor is energized and starts to turn and closes the first contact M1 (20518) which will bypass the small relay contactor and keep the timer motor running during the entire cycle. 3- As the timer cam continues to turn, the second switch M2 (20518) is closed and energizes the wash pump motor. 2 2 4- After 150 secon

Jettech Metal Products F18

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The air pressure (approximately 2 inch water column) activates a switch through a rubber tube that connects from the air trap to the pressostat. During the fill cycle, the water solenoid gets its signal from the pressostat. When the pressostat is satisfied, it cuts the signal to the solenoid valve and sends power to the thermostats and the timer When trouble shooting this system, all components must be considered. Beginning with the pressostat which is adjustable. Making sure the connection to t