Cleveland Range The MINI OES-6.08

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12. When the set core temperature is reached: the Signal Tone sounds and the Delta -T process ends. 13. Press the Start/Stop key or open the door to stop the Signal Tone. . DDDDT = Difference between oven temperature and core temperature Start Required core temperature reached. 18 G. Cook & Hold NEVER Add cold food to the MINI for rethermalization while hot food is being held! IMPORTANT: • Cook and hold requires use of the Core Temperature Sensor • For more information on the Cook Phase and ente

Cleveland Range Steamer

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• The on / off light and the turbo boost touchpad light comes on and the steam cooking begins. NOTE: Do not touch the appliance or foods during cooking as they will be hot. fig. 13 fig. 14 fig. 15 fig. 16 Using the Turbo Boost touchpad • Your appliance is fitted with a turbo boost touchpad which reduces cooking time for better vitamin retention. • At the start of cooking, the light comes on automatically - fig.13. This allows a faster start to cooking, thanks to a bigger steam output. • The turb

Cleveland Range SteamCraft 21-CGA-5

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Cleveland Range SteamChef Stacking ffbgf

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Read the entire installation procedure before beginning. The installer must be familiar with this procedure, and the instructions supplied with each SteamChef Steamer, Cleveland Range P/N 22CGT-INM and P/N 22CGT-OPM. Item Number on Drawings Quantity Part Number Description -1 112523 WARNING LABEL, BURN AND SCALD HAZARD (SEE FIG. 2) 22 3 19148 SCREW, HEX WASHER HD, #10 X 1/2 , TYPE AB, ZINC PLTD 21 1 111401 FLUE RISER ASSY, CHEF 6 20 1 112488 ASSEMBLY, FLUE ADAPTER 19 7 108734 NUT, “U” TYPE (EXTR

Cleveland Range SteamChef (2) 22CGT3

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nHigh-speed gas convection steamer with open style 1.5 gallon water reservoir located at the bottom of the cooking compartment for easy access and maintenance. nFan forced convection steam with patented KleanShieldTM cooking compartment design. KleanShieldTM collects and removes condensate waste from the cooking compartment. This keeps the compartment clean, safe from impurities and easy to maintain. Reduces foaming and avoids contamination of the reservoir water. nAutomatic water level controls

Cleveland Range Skillet/Braising

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oz (71g) YIELD: 5 . QT (5.3L) Metric Ingredients Amount or Measure Setting Skillet 3.18kg 907g 12 340g 28g 7g 28g 3.2g Potatoes Onions, grated Eggs Flour Salt Baking powder Garlic powder Pepper Oil for frying 7 lb 2 lb 12 12 oz 1 oz . oz 1 oz 1 . t Grate potatoes on a medium grill Squeeze out extra potato juice Add remaining ingredients, except oil Mix well, cover and refrigerate to chill Turn power on Add oil to .” (.64cm) depth in skillet. Turn heat to 375F (191C). Preheat skillet. When oil is

Cleveland Range SKI-03

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dwg.). HEATING ELEMENT REMOVAL 1. Tilt the skillet fully forward to access bottom cover plate. 2. Make sure power switch and external circuit breaker (at fuse box or breaker panel) are off. 3. Remove screws from bottom cover plate. Remove plate. 4. Remove four (4) 7/16 inch nuts and washers from stainless retaining plate located at rear of skillet pan. 5. Remove screws and tooth lock washer from retaining bars and slide thru open end where retaining plate was previously removed. NOTE: To

Cleveland Range SGM-X

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For manual ignition, go to step #10. For spark ignition natural gas. go to step #12. For spark ignition LP gas. go to step # 17. 10. Can a pilot light be achieved? Yes Refer to Pilot Flame Adjustment Procedure and adjust fiame if necessary. If adjustment is not required or unsuccessful go to steo #11. No Replace defective gas control valve. 11. Does the piiot flame sensor (thermopile) generate 450-750 mV? Yes No Replace defective gas control vaive. Replace defective pilot fiame sensor. ÎZ

Cleveland Range SGM-T

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Heat tint can be removed by a vigorous scouring in the direction of the polish lines using SCOTCH-BRITE scouring pads or a STAINLESS scouring pad in combination with a non abrasive powdered deanser. 4. Tomato and vinegar based products have a high add content which could attack the stainless steel finish of the skillet After cooking of such products, dean skillet interior with a baking soda and water solution. Use one tablespoon baking soda per 1 gallon of water. 5. After deaning, the skillet

Cleveland Range SGL-X

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The use of other than tadory supplied replacement parts win void the warranty. PARTS LIST - FAUCET % in. Spout > y' C7 Item No. Part No. Description 1 SE50Q20 Hot Water Stem Assy. 2 SE50021 Cold Water Stem Assy. 3 SE50Q22 Yoke Connection Kit 4 FA00016 “0” Ring 5 FA95022 Retaining Ring 6 KE51736 Spout Nut 7 KB0832 %'Spout, 10'