Contour Products S67-T 4/07

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S67-T 4/07 S67-T.qxd 4/5/2007 4:00 PM Page 2 WARNING Avoid serious injury from falling or sliding out. Always use Restraint System. Your child's safety depends on you. Proper stroller use cannot be assured unless you follow these instructions. DO NOT USE STROLLER UNTIL YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE INSTRUCTIONS. I IIM MMP PPO OOR RRT TTA AAN NNT TT S SSA AAF FFE EET TTY YY I IIN NNF FFO OOR RRM MMA AAT TTI IIO OON NN: :: H HHo oow ww t tto oo K KKe eee eep pp Y YYo oou uur rr C CCh hhi iil lld d