Heartland Bakeware 3805-3825

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All models feature “autoreignition” – should the flame go out for any reason, the igniter automatically begins to spark to re-ignite the burner. See “Reference” section for manual lighting procedure. Propane Stoves: a slight pop or flash may occur at the burner ports for a few seconds after the burner has been turned off. This “extinction pop” is normal for propane gas. Note: Incorrect burner alignment will produce a potentially dangerous flame and poor burner performance. (refer to fig 11) Smal

Heartland Bakeware 3800-3820

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(519) 650-5775 or Fax (519) 650-3773 Toll Free Phone 1-800-361-1517 Toll Free Fax 1-800-327-5609 © 2005 HEARTLAND APPLIANCES INC. Note: Please read these instructions thoroughly before attempting to install this unit.Failure to follow installation instructions will result in costly service calls. Note: This appliance can only be installed in the state of Massachusetts by a Massachusetts licensed plumber or gasfitter. Save these instructions for future use Model 3800-3820 Model 3805-3825 032205 #