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Hobby Work Station with Mobile Tool Storago Model No.960-0009 Customer Service Department: Nexgrill Industries Inc. 280 Machlin Court City of Industry, CA 91789 USA Tel: (909) 598-8799 Fax: (909) 598-7699 Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. P.S.T. Parts List Parts Name Quantity 1. Solid Birch Wood Top Bar code: HW0501BG00NW500 2. Handle, Mobile Tool Storage Bar Code: HD0902AZ00NR490 3. Adjustable Leveling Feet Bar Code:SC1105CE14NC115 4. Caster with Brake Bar Code: HW0805ZZ00ND075 5. Ca

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Always keep your face and body as far from the grill as possible when lighting. Your grill has an exclusive patented built-in ignition. The igniter is built in to the valve. To ignite each burner simply push and turn the control knobs to the HI setting, you will hear the valve click as it sends a spark to the pilot flame. If the burner does not light, wait 5 minutes for any excess gas to dissipate and then retry. Flame Characteristics Check for proper burner flame characteristics. Each burner is

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– 5 p.m. P.S.T. Owner’s Manual 53 inch tool chest E E L T S Rolling Tool Chest Assembly Instructions Rolling Tool Chest Assembly Instructions Caution TAKE SAFETY PRECAUTION WHEN USING YOUR TOOL CHEST •Do not open more than one drawer at a time. •Set the brake on the locking caster unless you are moving the tool chest •Lock drawers and lid before moving the chest •Do not step on the drawers •Do not let children near the tool chest. CAUTION Explode View 11 No. Part Name Quantity NO. Part Name Quan