Creek Audio OBH 18

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and given in addition to statutory rights. Service enquiries outside the U.K. should be addressed first to the supplying dealer and or Creek distributor/importer. Warranties granted in these countries are entirely at the discretion of the distributor. Creek Audio Limited 12 Avebury Ct, Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7TA England Telephone: +44 (0) 1442 260146 Fax: +44 (0) 870 622 0846 E-mail: info@creekaudio.com Web: Creek OBH 18 Phono Pre-Amplifier Operating Instructions Thank you for purch

Creek Audio OBH 15

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pF 22 dB 2.5 mV - 5 mV output 56 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.25 dB -75 dB < 0.05% +/- 0.5% 250 mV < 100 . 0.5 mV / 1000 W /3300 pF 20 dB 0.5 mV - 1 mV output 150 x 100 x 66 mm 24V DC 30 mA WARRANTY If within two years of the purchase date your OBH product proves to be defective for any reason other than accident, misuse, neglect, unauthorised modification or fair wear and tear, Creek Audio Ltd will, at its discretion, replace the faulty parts without charge for labour or return carriage within the

Creek Audio Evolution RDS

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The Evolution is the matching tuner for the Evolution Integrated Amplifier and CD Player, although it will also work very well with any other manufacturers’ amplifiers. The functions and operation of the Evolution tuner are deceptively simple for the many features that it offers, all of which can be remotely controlled. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS Read all the instructions before connecting or operating the unit. Keep this manual so you can refer to these safety instructions. WATER & MOISTURE To reduce

Creek Audio Evolution 2

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The functions and operation of the EVOLUTION 2 are very simple. However, the following notes are provided to explain all aspects of its design and use. MAINS CONNECTION When unpacking the amplifier please keep the packing material in a safe place for possible future use. In the pack there is a separate mains cable suitable for connecting to the mains supply in the country of use. The IEC socket end of the cable should be firmly inserted into the connector on the rear panel marked "Mains Input".

Creek Audio Destiny 2

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Please read this manually thoroughly. It will explain in detail the features and operation of your Destiny 2 CD Player and help to ensure a trouble free installation. Unpack the player carefully. It is recommended that you save the carton and packing material for future use, should you need to move your player or return it for service. Your Destiny 2 CD Player is designed to work in a horizontal position. It is important to allow at least 5 cm of space behind the unit for adequate ventilation. T

Creek Audio Destiny

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However, if you are leaving the unit switched off for a long period, it is advisable to switch it off permanently by using the POWER SWITCH on the rear panel. TUNING Turn the knob left or right to manually fine tune stations after switching Mode to tuning. When tuned to the maximum frequency, it is possible to go to the minimum frequency quickly by continuing to turn the knob clockwise. The frequency will flip to the bottom 87.5Mhz on FM. PRE-SET Steps up or down through pre-set stations by turn

Creek Audio CD53

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Depending on the number of tracks and the method of recording the information, the T.O.C. read can vary from 3 - 10 seconds or more. Until this has been achieved, no other function will work. When the T.O.C. is correctly read the player will display the information. For example above: There are 25 tracks on the disc. The total playing time is 72 minutes and 07 seconds. The player is set to play when required. 6. Press the PLAY button. The PLAY symbol will appear on the display. The disc will sta

Creek Audio CD50 mk2

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Wipe the disc in a straight motion from the inside out. Small dust particles and stains will have absolutely no effect on reproduction quality. Never use chemicals such as record sprays, antistatic sprays or fluids, benzine or thinners to clean a compact disc. Such chemicals would irreparably damage the surface. Creek Audio Ltd has taken every care to ensure all types of compact discs play in the CD50 mk2. However, copy protected discs continue to be marketed without being compliant with all CD

Creek Audio CD50

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DIGITAL OUTPUT This output enables you to connect the CD player to a stand-alone D to A converter in order to change the signal into a stereo analogue one. The digital output can be accessed via the co-axial SPDIF socket on the rear panel. 3. AC POWER SOCKET, IEC TYPE 220V-240 V AC or 110V-120 V AC 4. AC POWER CORD After completing the installation and all connections, make sure that the POWER switch on the back panel of the unit is set to OFF (O). Then plug the power cord into a live AC outlet.

Creek Audio CD43 mk 2

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By employing the most sophisticated digital and optical technologies, the compact disc not only offers the ultimate in sound reproduction, it also provides operating features which have never been seen before in audio equipment designed for home, such as fast access to any track on the disc, very simple programming and armchair control. Please read this manual thoroughly. It will explain the features and operation of your CD Player and help to ensure a trouble free installation. Please unpack yo