Advanced Elements STRAITEDGE AE1006

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CAUTION -SAFETY WARNING 2. ASSEMBLY / INFLATING INSTRUCTIONS 3. GUIDELINES FOR USAGE 4. PROPER CARE AND STORAGE 5. REPAIRS 6. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) For additional info please call us or visit our website at: Send us an email at: info@advancedelements.com 1. CAUTION -SAFETY WARNING Users of this product agree by their use to accept the inherent risks involved in this paddlesports activity and agree to follow all instructions, cautions, and warnings carefully before using this Kayak. (P

Advanced Elements DRAGONFLY AE1001

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If the tube side. is not aligned inside of the cover, this will also cause drift. Note: If your state requires this document of licensing your boat, please contact Advanced Elements Customer Service Department for completion, or for more information. MANUFACTURER’S STATEMENT OF ORIGIN FOR A VESSEL SOLD IN THE STATE OF_____________________________________ The undersigned manufacturer hereby certifies that the new boat described below, the property of said manufacturer, has been transferred this _