Everpure WaterWorks RO 2000

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Hilex, Clerox, etc.) and mix in the water. DO NOT ADD CHLORINE FIRST. Concentrated, it will attack plastics, 6. Replace the cap, with o-ring, and install the retaining clamps. 7. Connect the RO faucet product water tubing directly to the tank shutoff valve, isolatinq the carbon postfilter. 8. Open the tank shutoff valve, and the water supply to the RO. Open the RO faucet, locking the lever upward, against the spout. 9. Allow water to circulate through the system until the bleach odor is gone. 10

Everpure Water Filter CB20-302E

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Everpure Water Dispenser

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MRS Combi-System Refer to ordering guide for part numbers. Reverse Osmosis (RO) processor reduces mineral content a minimum of 95% Multiple outlets allow for RO, filtered, or customized blended water Booster pump (optional) with recirculation — increases production and enhances efficiency Small footprint makes it easy to fit in a facility Floor mount or wall mount design allows flexible installation Reduces chlorine taste and odor and other offensive contaminants that can adversely affect taste

Everpure Victorian Series

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These separate filter faucets are available in three stunning finishes and colors to match today's high end kitcher faucets Everpure Victorian Drinking Water Faucets feature > Victorian, versatile desigr > Selection of three beautiful finishes to match the most popular designer faucets > Lead-free > Forged brass construction > Aerator tip provides even, clear stream of filtered water > Ceramic disc type valve > 0.5 GPM flow > Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 > RO compatible with the use of a s

Everpure Submersible Well Pump

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Fig. 3 shows a typical wiring diagram for a three-wire, single- phase installation. Note that a magnetic contactor must be used if the pressure switch electrical rating is not sufficient to handle the submersible motor electrical rating. The pressure switch would then be incorporated into a pilot circuit to control the magnetic contactor. Make the connections at the control box in accordance with the wiring diagram in the control box to avoid damage to the motor. FIGURE 3 - 3-WIRE, 1 Phase, 1/3

Everpure SID650A

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The last page will be the back cover, let me know if you receive the complete manual. SPIRAL ICEMAKER-DISPENSER MODEL: SID650A/80 SID650W/80 SI D650A/80- BC Operator's Manual SID650W/80-BC Part No. 90846 August 1997 Revision F THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION This Manual must be read and understood before installing or operating this equipment • REMCOR INC: 1995 PRINTED IN U.S.A TABLE OF CONTENTS Page SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.......................................................

Everpure RT-9

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169116 REPLACES P/N EV934955 1 WATER YOU CAN TRUST$ Premium Quality Water Filtration Created for Use in Marine Applications RT-9 Assembly P/N 169116 (1 pack) Replaces P/N EV934955 955-RT U-Fil® P/N 255353-401 (1 pack) Replaces P/N EV963011 P/N 255353-404 (4 pack) Replaces P/N EV963014 BENEFITS • Improves potable water by reducing chlorine and bromine taste and odor and other off tastes and odors • For long-lasting service the pressure vessel and top are constructed of non-corrodible st

Everpure QL3-BH2

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Sediment Prefilter Cartridges (drop-ins) *Product size not to scale. Size Model Micron Housing Part Number Pack Size Ship Wt. lb kg List Price 10" Slimline EC110 10 E-10 EV9534-12 12 5 2.3 $6.80 20" Slimline EC210 10 E-20 EV9534-26 6 5 2.3 12.70 10" ECP1 ECP1-10 1 E-10 255481-43 24 9 4.1 9.72 20" ECP1 ECP1-20 1 E-20 255485-43 14 10 4.5 22.63 20" ECP1 Big Bowl ECP1-20BB 1 Parallel 202 255493-43 6 10 4.5 46.18 10" Pleated Cellulose-Polyester ECP5-10 5 E-10 255482-43 24 8.8 4.0 9.09 20" Pleated Cel

Everpure QC7I Single-MH2

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Confidence. Everpure products are proven effective. That’s why you can find our products in foodservice operations around the world. Solutions. Our Total Water Management Program can solve your water problems. We’ll analyze your operation, provide recommendations, and install the right products so your water is problem- free. And we’ll help you stay that way with our maintenance program. Satisfaction. Everpure water is better all around, which means you’ll have a more cost-efficient and high per

Everpure QC71

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Operating weights of the QC7I Systems are: • Single System - 9 lbs. (4.0 kg.) • Twin System - 19 lbs. (8.5 kg) • Triple System - 27 lbs. (12 kg) • Quad System - 36 lbs. (20 kg) 2. The location should allow for: • Minimum clearance of 2-1/2” under the cartridge(s) so it can be lowered for removal and replacement. Figure 1 – Single System • Adequate space for “in” and “out” water line connections. • Be near a drain for flushing and near a 110V outlet if the accessory (sold separately) Everguard Lo