Baby Jogger Double Jogging

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• Accessories which are not approved by the manufacturer or distributor should not be used. • WARNING: Prevent serious injury to your child by always using the safety harness. • WARNING: Any load attached to the handle affects the stability of the stroller. • WARNING: It may be dangerous to leave child unattended. • Always use your wrist strap – these strollers can really roll, and the wrist strap gives you control if you should slip or fall down. • The passenger should remain seated (no standin

Baby Jogger Bicycle Accessories

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sAfety Guidelines • WARNING: Do not use with children who • WARNING: Avoid serious injury from falling or exceed the weight limitations. sliding out. Always use safety harness(es). • WARNING: Do not use cleaning solvents; • Always use the crotch strap(s) in combination clean only with mild soap and water with the waist belt(s). • WARNING: Securely attach hitch and safety strap prior to use. Failure to do so can cause an accident and result in a serious injury. • WARNING: Do not install a car sea