KoldFront PDW45E

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We believe that your purchase of this product opens a relationship between you and Koldfront. We will provide the customer support needed to nurture that relationship. This manual contains important information regarding the proper installation, use and maintenance of your product. Following this manual will ensure that your product will work at its peak performance and efficiency. Please save the original product packaging in case you need to safely transport your product. For Your Records: Ple

KoldFront PAC9000

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If this happens, the Water Level indicator on the control panel will light and the compressor will shut off (so that no water is spilled on the floor.) The unit will continue operating and exhausting water until the water level lowers. Then the compressor will turn back on and the unit will begin cooling as normal. If you want to begin cooling or dehumidifying right away without waiting for the unit to dispose of the excess condensate itself, you may manually drain the unit. Manual Drainage Wat

KoldFront PAC8000S

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Press the Speed button to select the fan speed. The timer can be used to either turn the unit on or off after a number of elapsed hours. The timer is adjustable between 1-24 hours in one hour increments. How to set the unit to automatically turn on: 1) Press the Timer button on the remote control while the unit is powered off. 2) Use the Up and Down buttons on the remote to set the time (displayed in hours) you want to pass before the unit turns on. After the selected time passes, the unit will

KoldFront KIM450S

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This ice maker is designed for domestic indoor use only. Do not use the unit for industrial or commercial use. Any other use may invalidate the warranty. Please review the ratings label located on the rear panel of the unit for electrical and other technical data related to this unit. The unit must be used in a properly grounded wall outlet. Please read and follow the safety information listed below to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury. Installation should only be done by a licen

KoldFront KIM202W

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ICE FULL The ice full light will turn on if the ice basket is full. POWER The power light will be solid green when the unit is powered on. S The S indicates the unit will produce small ice. L The L indicates the unit will produce large ice. Ice Full Indicator Add Water Indicator IMPORTANT: Do not power on the unit without any water. KoldFront Portable Ice Maker 6 How the Portable Ice Maker Produces Ice After the unit is powered on, the ice maker begins with rotating the ice case into a horizonta